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Fixed Income

With interest rates at historic lows, the challenge to improve yield without excessive risk has seldom been more daunting. Many investments offer higher returns than CDs, money market funds, and Treasuries, but it takes specialized expertise to gauge the potential tradeoffs in risk.

Empire Asset Management’s Fixed Income Group makes this expertise available to individual and institutional clients seeking fixed-income portfolio solutions.

The spectrum of bond and bond fund alternatives available to you includes municipal bonds, agency bonds, corporate bonds, sovereign bonds, and asset-backed securities, as well as U.S. government bonds.

At the same time, you’ll benefit from our elite personal service. Here at Empire, our financial advisors devote an exceptional level of energy and resources to help clients meet their objectives.

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Plan, track, and execute securities transactions in markets around the world, using a broad array of equity and debt instruments.

Asset Management
Asset Management

Every investment plan is customized based on a thorough assessment of each client’s unique goals, needs and appetite for risk while remaining cognizant of the changing market environment.